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Our all-round carefree service

IMMO STAGING for business clients

For real estate agents, investors & property developers

Inhabited & empty real estate
Apartments, lofts, houses, villas & gardens
Holiday homes
New buildings, show flats, renovations
Poorly sellable objects

On- and offline presentation in harmony for any form of real estate

Package Staging  

Property inspection (incl. floor plan/photos)
Quotation & contract award
Target group-specific furnishing planning & conception
Needs-based property preparation & coordination of all necessary work
Furnishing & surrounding works
Preparation of photos & digital marketing products
All-inclusive price incl. property preparation, set-up, transport, dismantling, insurance, furniture/decoration rental for 6 months
Project Management


  • Target audience oriented and user optimized design & color concept

  • Coordination & execution of all necessary work

  • Clearance, depersonalization & cleaning

  • Repairs

  • Cost-efficient & effective sales preparation

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Real estate preparation

  • Home Staging Plus

  • Photos of the staged property*

  • Virtual tour*

  • Video documentation*

  • Drone photography  

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Marketing products

  • Textual support for sales documentation or advertisements

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  • Planning & conception

  • Optimization, garden cleaning & maintenance

  • Selection & placement of garden furniture

  • Lighting

  • Stylish garden decoration

garden concept, home staging, swiss home staging, garden redesign, garden upgrade, real estate agent, immoline, immo family

Garden design

Custom Services

*On Request


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