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Redesigned Living quarters

Your new sense of well-being

With passion and creativity, we design your rooms to meet your needs and present them in a new light. In doing so, we not only rely on new things, but also incorporate existing elements in an innovative way. Not only to save budget and the environment, but also to emphasize the uniqueness of your rooms. IMMO REDESIGN transforms your rooms into unique spaces.


Whether to enhance your personal sense of well-being or to upgrade real estate, we offer individual sustainable solutions at every budget.


As individual as every property

Passion & creativity

Individualized interior design that incorporates your personal preferences and existing charm.

Sustainable Redesign

Innovative use of existing elements that is budget-friendly and sustainable, without a compromise in aesthetics.

Unique spaces

Transforming your rooms into unique pieces that reflect the character and uniqueness of their occupants or their business ideas.

Budget-friendly solutions

Economical alternatives or extensive renovations that still allow you to significantly upgrade your property. We can do it all.


Your benefits

Clothes rack hat and necklace Detail furnishings, natural materials creative design
  • Your new, sustainable feel-good home. Individually designed, with your wishes at the centerpoint of attention. Whether an overall concept or the new edition of a single room.

  • Experience the feeling of coming home thanks to unique, functional and representative room design.

  • We focus on your wishes: whether advice, concept or the complete all-round carefree package, including implementation.

  • We combine optimal functionality with light and design. In this way, we make your rooms shine and come alive in new splendor.

  • Fair prices and low costs thanks to sustainable shopping in-house.

  • Colors trigger emotions and create new meanings if desired. With a new color concept to add a mew sense well-being.

  • Clarity through minimization and/or addition, redesign of existing furnishings including update, upgrade or upcycling of your favorite furniture pieces.

  • We find the perfect balance of materials for ideal, customized haptics and acoustics.

  • We offer feel-good designs for interior and exterior spaces, including garden design on request.

  • We take care of the whole process. You relax and enjoy.

Redesigned Office entrance homestaging business

Business clients

IMMO REDESIGN revolutionizes your business: Landlords can achieve higher rental prices and attract long-term tenants. Restaurateurs, hoteliers, and tradespeople enchant their audience with stylish, inviting spaces that encourage guests and customers to return and promote positive reviews. Holiday homes impress and are booked 300 days a year. Offer charismatic user-oriented spaces for relaxation and the best days of the year. Rely on our expertise for attractive and functional room designs that make out the difference.

Private clients

IMMO REDESIGN revitalizes your home: as a private client, you enjoy a transformation of your rooms that showcases your property's potential and puts your spaces in the best light. We take the pressure off you completely by covering everything from interior design to upcycling your favorite pieces. Experience a new sense of well-being and prestigious spaces with a unique personal style.


IMMO STYLING is your Swiss furnishing partner. As an expat, our all-round service is available to you, making your settling-in period simply more enjoyable. We will take care of the stylish and functional furnishing of your new home, which will perfectly match your taste and lifestyle, while you can settle in peacefully. With IMMO REDESIGN in no time at all to a cozy and personal home that leaves nothing to be desired.


Redesigned - Experience joy & well-being anew

Present your property in a different way. Increase its value and attractiveness sustainably and on budget.

When designing the room, we use as much as possible of the already existing resources. Give your things a new stage. Optimize the functionality of the rooms through color, light and materials. This is not only extremely budget and environmentally friendly, above all the rooms become optimal unique pieces that also cleverly reflect the personality of their inhabitants.


Is the be-all and end-all of interior design and more complex than one might think.


Indicator of how much you enjoy spending time in a room.


With the WOW factor and representative of a pure sense well-being.

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